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Unveiling the Truth: Forensic Architecture’s Analysis of Israeli Misrepresentations at the ICJ

Exposing Disinformation: A Detailed Breakdown of Israeli Defense Tactics at the International Court

Forensic Architecture, a research agency based at Goldsmiths, University of London, investigated the visual materials presented by the Israeli legal team at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) hearing, which took place in January 2024. This hearing was part of proceedings launched by South Africa against Israel concerning the war on Gaza and allegations under the 1948 Genocide Convention.

The Forensic Architecture team’s analysis revealed significant misrepresentations by the Israeli legal team. The investigation found eight instances where the Israeli legal team misrepresented visual evidence, including incorrect annotations, labeling, and misleading verbal descriptions. These misrepresentations aimed to justify systematic and widespread attacks on civilians, shelters, schools, and hospitals by presenting single instances of alleged Palestinian military use of civilian infrastructure as blanket justifications.

One notable example involved a satellite image presented by the Israeli team, annotated to denote a Palestinian rocket launch site next to a water desalination facility. Forensic Architecture’s analysis, using satellite imagery and 3D modeling, suggested that the dimensions of the highlighted site were more consistent with a bomb impact site, indicative of an Israeli-inflicted destruction rather than a Palestinian rocket launch site.

Forensic Architecture’s findings highlight a pattern of disinformation and misrepresentation by the Israeli legal team, questioning the reliability of Israel’s public statements and evidence presented in such a critical international legal setting. The report underscores the importance of scrutinizing and assessing the authenticity and accuracy of evidence and claims made in the ICJ and the dangers of amplifying claims without critical assessment.

This investigation by Forensic Architecture adds to a body of work that critically examines the evidence and narratives presented in cases of human rights violations, emphasizing the need for meticulous analysis in the pursuit of truth and accountability in international justice.

You can find the report on the Forensic Architecture website at the following URL: Forensic Architecture’s investigation into the Israeli materials presented at the ICJ​​.

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