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Protest Demanding Ceasefire in Gaza Leads to Closure of San Francisco Airport Terminal

Nationwide Solidarity: American Cities Unite in Call for Gaza Ceasefire

Hundreds of Americans demanding a ceasefire in Gaza led to the closure of the international terminal at San Francisco International Airport on Wednesday. Footage from the protest showed individuals holding signs with messages such as “Permanent ceasefire now,” “Stop the world for Gaza,” and “Stop arming Israel.” One channel affiliated with ABC News estimated that the number of demonstrators exceeded 300.

Protests calling for a ceasefire in Gaza have emerged in several American cities in recent months, including demonstrations near airports and bridges in New York City and Los Angeles, protest stands in front of the White House, and marches in Washington. This month saw significant demonstrations ahead of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address and the Oscars ceremony. Demonstrators have also frequently boycotted Biden’s campaign events and speeches.

Airport officials stated that the international terminal remained open, but passenger routes were altered and adjusted during check-in procedures to avoid the protesters. Demonstrators closed the road outside the airport, marching in circles and chanting slogans.

There were no reports of flight delays.

Most of the Gaza Strip was leveled in the Israeli attack, which resulted in over 31,000 deaths and nearly all of its 2.3 million residents being displaced, leading to a famine crisis in the narrow coastal strip.

While the United States has called for a temporary ceasefire to allow for more aid to be sent to Gaza and for the release of hostages held by Hamas since October 7, Washington has rejected calls for a permanent ceasefire, arguing that such a move would allow Hamas to regroup.


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